Vinnie Lauria

Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Vinnie Lauria cofounded Lefora (acquired by CrowdGather, Inc.), a forum hosting service for over 100,000 communities on the web. Lauria also started the Silicon Valley NewTech meet up in 2006, critiquing and reviewing hundreds of start-ups. Lauria has spent the past year mentoring start-ups in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, working with i/o ventures, the Founder Institute, and JFDI. In 2013, Lauria was chosen from a pool of over 2,500 Founder Institute mentors as the highest rated start-up mentor in Asia.

Lauria has organized Silicon Valley–themed events in Asia, including Earlier in his career, Lauria spent four years within IBM, helping to shape how they were approaching social software for the enterprise. Lauria has spent considerable time traveling across Asia and lives full-time in Singapore, managing and mentoring the portfolio companies.