Patrick Lim

Deputy Director for Entrepreneurship Development, SPRING

Patrick Lim has been working at SPRING since graduation in 2001. His job involves promoting entrepreneurship, in particular with the youth population, at the national level. Lim also works with partners and provides the necessary resources to seed and nurture innovative start-ups in Singapore.  He is part of the Secretariat team for the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a private/public collaboration platform that aims to enhance entrepreneurship in Singapore.

Through his work, Lim has opportunities to collaborate with partners in incubators, venture capitalists, business angels, and mentors who helped in enhancing the start-up environment in Singapore. Lim derives satisfaction in witnessing how entrepreneurs live out their passions to create their own destiny and to shape successes via partners’ support network. Lim graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a bachelor of business studies (Hon), specializing in applied economics.