Maxim Sidorin

CEO, East Siberian Resources
Maxim Sidorin is a CEO of EastSiberian, PLC, a TSX- NEX-listed company. Sidorin has 15 years of international and local private equity experience in various sectors, including oil and gas, banking, and industry, and he has successfully completed various projects as an investor, project manager, and partner. Sidorin served as director at UK PLC (2005-06), acting chairman of the board in Russian bank, and managing partner in oil and gas projects in Russia. Sidorin’s most recent projects include: the purchasing from the state and various investors and subsequent sale of oil and gas rights to Nobel Holding Investments (subsidiary of CIC); the founding and subsequent sale of 30 percent of Timan Oil and Gas, PLC, one year before the IPO on AIM LSE; and the completing of an additional Russian local project.

Sidorin has experience in the structuring and completion of various cross-border transactions with equities, trades with derivatives, debt financing, etc., on behalf of third parties and related to his projects companies. Sidorin has graduated from St. Petersburg State University (economics department) and has spent one year as visiting scholar in University of Berkeley Haas School of Business.