Iya Khalil

Cofounder & EVP, GNS Healthcare

Iya Khalil is responsible for initiating and developing GNS Healthcare’s partnerships with pharma, biotech, and academia. In addition, she oversees the execution of projects in these areas.

She has extensive experience in creating and applying computational approaches that leverage large-scale genomic, clinical, and molecular data for health care innovation. Prior to joining GNS Healthcare, she worked at Cornell University, the University of Washington, and Abbott Labs.

A frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, Khalil is an inventor on a number of pending patents and has published multiple articles on in silico technologies applied to drug discovery and development. She is also a cofounder and board member of the New Libya Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing the development of civil society organizations in Libya. Khalil has a BS in physics from the University of Washington and a PhD in physics from Cornell University.