B. Paul Santos

Cofounder and Managing Partner, WaveMaker Labs

Santos is an accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully cofounded and grown six companies to profitability across a variety of industries, exiting thrice. He is currently managing partner at WaveMaker Labs, an Approved Technology Incubator under the Singapore National Research Foundation (a department under the Office of the Prime Minister). He is also general partner at Siemer Ventures, a cross-border (US/Asia), early stage venture fund (Seed-Series A), and leads its Asian investments from Singapore. He has led the investment into and/or sits on the board of directors of 16 start-ups.

Santos started his career in brand management with Procter & Gamble, where he led one of its flagship brands to achieve record levels in revenue, share, and profit, as well as image ratings. He graduated with a BS in management engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University with a joint minor in international management from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and is part of its Asia Bridge Forum (ABF).