Austin Shoemaker

Cofounder and CTO, Cooliris

Austin Shoemaker cofounded Cooliris, Inc. and serves as its chief technical officer. Shoemaker worked at Apple Computer for seven years, contributing to product development efforts in several divisions. In 1995, he began testing pre-release software and hardware for Apple on a voluntary basis. In 1999, he joined Apple as a software intern in the HR division, and subsequently moved to the Mac OS X engineering team in 2001, where he worked with the Human Interface Group to develop several user interface prototypes that substantially influenced product design over the years. He was an engineer on the team that created iPhoto, Apple's consumer digital photography solution, and later wrote the timeline and clip shelf UI for iMovie, Apple's consumer video editing software.

Shoemaker rejoined the operating system team in 2004 to work on Spotlight, the desktop search engine built into Mac OS X 10.4. He stepped out to lead technology and product development for Cooliris.


Prior to Cooliris, Shoemaker cofounded a dial-up Internet service provider that grew to span the west coast of Florida. As an undergraduate, he competed on the rowing team, an endeavor that culminated in racing as part of the boat that won Stanford's first rowing national championship in 2005. He was a master's degree student in computer science at Stanford University specializing in artificial intelligence. He is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.