Marta Alves, '90

Senior Advisor, BM&FBOVESPA

Marta Alves represents BM&FBOVESPA (BVMF) in four international projects, including a broad alliance with other developing countries. She plays an important role in the revision of the BVMF's fee models and also represents the exchange at the Commodity Markets Council (CMC), as a CMC´s board of directors member. She joined BVMF in 2009 as the chief product development officer and was responsible for the development and enhancement of all exchange traded and OTC products.

She has great experience in the financial and capital markets having worked in banks like Itaú Bank and ING Bank.

Alves has a MBA from Chicago Booth, with concentrations in finance and accounting, and bachelor's degree in statistics from the University of São Paulo. She has been a member of Chicago Booth's Global Advisory Board - Americas Cabinet since 2006.