Maninder Cheema

Deputy General Manager - Market Regulation Department, Division of Policy, Securities, and Exchange Board of India

Maninder Cheema is the deputy general manager of SEBI. Maninder has worked with SEBI for 14 years in various areas including market regulation, investment management, corporate debt markets, international Affairs, market surveillance, and investor assistance and education. 

During this time, Maninder has worked on various policy initiatives of SEBI such as framing regulations for alternative investment funds and investment advisors, policy for infrastructure debt funds, development of corporate bond markets and structure debt products, review of risk management frameworks at stock exchanges, framing of insider trading regulations, and the introduction of internet based trading mobile trading and direct market access in securities market. Additionally, she has participated in SEBI committees inducing the working group on NCDs, market structure for privately placed debentures, corporate bond and securitization advisory committee, IOSCO EMC task force on the development of corporate bond markets, and as the member secretary of secondary markets advisory committee.