Jose R. Costa, '11 (XP-88)

Vice President, Marketing and R&D, Latin America and Caribbean, Burger King Corporation

Jose R. Costa, '11 (XP-88), is vice president of marketing, R&D, and supply chain at Burger King, where he leads all respective efforts for 30 countries, representing more than $2 billion in annual sales across Latin America and the Caribbean. His primary responsibilities are consumer insights, market research, product positioning and development, sales management, marketing communications (including advertising, interactive, mobile, promotions and public relations), pricing, customer experience, R&D, and supply chain.

Before joining Burger King, Costa was president of Costa IMC, a branding and interactive marketing firm with focus on the US Hispanic and Latin American segments. Costa has more than 20 years of experience on the client and agency sides, working for brands such as Young & Rubicam, Bank of America, Pepsico, and YUM Brands. Costa has a master's degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University and an MBA from Chicago Booth.