Holmes Hummel

Senior Advisor, Office of the Undersecretary for Energy, US Department of Energy

Holmes Hummel is the senior policy advisor in the US Department of Energy's Office of Policy of International Affairs. In that capacity, Hummel engages a wide range of industry and public interest stakeholders to inform energy policy deliberations on such topics as energy efficiency, finance, electric vehicle deployment, natural gas resource development, trade policy, environmental regulation, and grid reliability.

In earlier public service, Hummel served as a Congressional Science Fellow focused on energy and climate policy. Prior to moving to Washington DC, Hummel designed corporate energy strategies for clients in Silicon Energy, an energy software firm acquired by Itron, and later consulted briefly with the Google Energy and Climate team. Hummel's contribution to energy technology has earned him the Switzer Environmental Fellowship, in addition to recognition by the Environmental Leadership Program as a "visionary, action-oriented leader."

Hummel received a BS degree in energy engineering, and MSE and PhD degrees in environment and resources at Stanford University.