Carolyn Sleeth, '05

Marketing Director, Medtronic

Sleeth is a director of marketing at Medtronic in Cardiac Rhythm & Disease Management. She has responsibility for US product marketing for implanted defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, products worth nearly $2 billion in annual revenue for Medtronic. Sleeth leads product and brand strategy for the ICD and CRT devices, including managing new product launches, and influencing clinical evidence and product development planning.

Sleeth joined Medtronic in August 2005. She has worked in multiple areas of marketing, including global market development for the patient remote home monitoring tools and product planning. Her current focus is on driving quarter-to-quarter marketing and sales strategies to increase Medtronic market share.

Sleeth holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in Eastern European studies from Stanford University in 1999, and she received her MBA from Chicago Booth in 2005. She currently lives in Minneapolis and enjoys running and gardening. She completed the Twin Cities 10-mile run in early October.