Vol. 4 No. 1 | Summer 2002

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Save More Tomorrow
A Simple Plan to Increase Retirement Saving
The Save More Tomorrow plan allows employees to allocate a portion of their future salary increases toward retirement savings.
Research by Richard H. Thaler

First Measure, Then Manage
Improving Execution in Retail Operations
Problems with operational execution plague even the largest, most successful retailers, resulting in inaccurate inventory records and misplaced products. A new study examines the causes of poor execution and suggests plans for improvement.
Research by Nicole DeHoratius

When Smaller is Better
The Effect of Bank Size on Small-Business Lending
According to new research, small banks have a comparative advantage in the arena of small-business lending because they are better able to collect and act on so-called "soft information" than large banks.
Research by Raghuram Rajan

Why Responsiveness to Retail Promotions Varies Across Retailers
New Research Looks Beyond Price Cuts
For years, retailers have relied on three types of retail promotional tools to sell their products: temporary price cuts, feature advertisements, and in-store displays. Under what retail conditions are these tools most effective for increasing sales?
Research by Sanjay K. Dhar and Peter E. Rossi



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