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The economics of Uber are very persuasive

By Robin Mordfin - September 30, 2014
Uber, and similar services such as Lyft, are changing the transportation landscape and the experts of the IGM Forum clearly believe that is a good thing.

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The bottom line on government budgets

By Chelsea Vail - September 25, 2014
It's the last full week in the Federal government's fiscal year, and for many agencies that means a last-minute dash to use funds before they're lost to accounting rules.

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Read this: Missions creep, correlations mislead, Americans underestimate

By Chelsea Vail - September 25, 2014
The Capital Ideas blog brings you research, analysis, and commentary from Chicago Booth and beyond. This is our weekly list of must-reads from around the blogosphere. Go on, read this.

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Are Americans coming around on climate change?

By Amy Merrick - September 24, 2014
Before the United Nations climate summit on Wednesday, 300,000 to 400,000 people marched in New York, calling on politicians to do more to head off the threat posed by a warming planet.

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House of Debt shortlisted for FT's Business Book of the Year Award

By Chelsea Vail - September 24, 2014
It's that time of year again—the shortlist of contenders for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award has been released, and we're happy to see one of our favorites has made the cut.

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When should you invest with an active fund manager?

By Hal Weitzman - September 22, 2014

"The question is, when is active management good? The answer is never," Booth Professor Eugene Fama told the crowd at the Morningstar ETF conference last week, prompting laughter in the audience.

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Read this: Gender gaps close, volunteering pays, and income stagnates

By Chelsea Vail - September 18, 2014
When we started the Capital Ideas blog, we promised to bring you research, analysis, and commentary from Chicago Booth and beyond.

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Renegotiating? Timing is everything

By Robin Mordfin - September 17, 2014
Over the summer, CBS's hit series the Big Bang Theory made the news on a nearly daily basis for almost a month as renegotiations of the actors’ contracts played out.

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Great Scot! Independence means instability, say top economists

By Chelsea Vail - September 16, 2014
Should Scotland be an independent country? That’s the simple question being posed to Scots this Thursday, when they will vote on an historical referendum to secede from the United Kingdom.

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Fed plans tougher-than-Basel capital rules

By Chelsea Vail - September 15, 2014

The Federal Reserve has announced plans to raise capital requirements for the largest US banks beyond those agreed upon at Basel last year... 

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