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Raghuram G. Rajan
is Eric J. Gleacher
Distinguished Service Professor of
Finance. From 2003 to 2007, he was
the economic counselor and director
of research at the International Mon-
etary Fund. Since then, he has chaired
the Indian government’s Committee
on Financial Sector Reforms, which
submitted its report in September 2008. In September
2012, he became the chief economic adviser in India’s
Finance Ministry. (Page 18)
Amit Seru
is associate professor of fi-
nance. His research on the behavior of
banks and regulators during the hous-
ing crisis won the 2013 AQR Insight
distinguished paper award and has
been featured in the
Wall Street Jour-
New York Times,
and the
(Page 19)
Richard H. Thaler,
Ralph and Doro-
thy Keller Distinguished Service
Professor of Behavioral Science and
Economics, studies behavioral eco-
nomics and finance as well as the psy-
chology of decision-making that lies
in the gap between economics and
psychology. The director of the
for Decision Research
at Chicago Booth, he is coauthor
of the global best seller,
. (Pages 35 and 42)
Robert W. Vishny,
Myron S. Scholes
Distinguished Service Professor of
Finance, teaches the course Behav-
ioral and Institutional Finance. He
is a founding partner of LSV As-
set Management and has served as
a trustee of the College Retirement
Equity Fund (CREF), director of the
National Bureau of Economic Research’s Program in
Corporate Finance, director of the American Finance
Association, and an adviser to the Russian Privatization
Ministry. (Page 19)
Luigi Zingales
is Robert C. McCor-
mack Professor of Entrepreneurship
and Finance and David G. Booth
Faculty Fellow. He serves on the US
Committee on Capital Markets Reg-
ulation. A crusader against “crony
capitalism,” he was named to
magazine’s 2012 list of Top 100
Global Thinkers. (Pages 14 and 21)
Dan Adelman
is professor of operations management.
(Pages 10 and 44)
Terri C. Albert
is adjunct associate professor of market-
ing. (Page 41)
Pradeep K. Chintagunta
is Joseph T. and Bernice S.
Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing.
(Page 11)
Steven J. Davis
is William H. Abbott Professor of Inter-
national Business and Economics, and deputy dean for
faculty (Page 6)
Robert H. Gertner
is Joel F. Gemunder Professor of
Strategy and Finance, and deputy dean for part-time
MBA programs. (Page 29)
Michael J. Gibbs
is clinical professor of economics.
(Page 10)
Robert Brandon Gramacy
is assistant professor of
econometrics and statistics. (Page 7)
Zhiguo He
is associate professor of finance and Robert
King Steel Faculty Fellow. (Page 19)
Chang-Tai Hsieh
is Phyllis and Irwin Winkelried Pro-
fessor of Economics. (Page 29)
Erik Hurst
is V. Duane Rath Professor of Economics
and John E. Jeuck Faculty Fellow. (Page 29)
Emir Kamenica
is associate professor of economics and
Robert King Steel Faculty Fellow. (Page 29)
Steven Neil Kaplan
is Neubauer Family Distinguished
Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance.
(Page 12)
Joshua Klayman
is professor emeritus of behavioral
science. (Page 40)
Gregor Matvos
is associate professor of finance.
(Page 19)
Lubos Pastor
is Charles P. McQuaid Professor
of Finance. (Page 6)
Haresh Sapra
is professor of accounting. (Page 8)
Jesse M. Shapiro
is professor of economics. (Page 5)
Matt Taddy
is associate professor of econometrics and
statistics and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow. (Page 7)
Pietro Veronesi
is Roman Family Professor of Finance.
(Pages 6 and 25)
Other faculty in this issue:
PhD students
in this issue:
Vishal Ahuja
tions Manage-
ment (Page 30)
João Granja
(Page 9)
Dan Nguyen
(Page 13)
in this issue:
David Barclay,
(Back Page)
John Edward-
son, ’72
Robin Hogarth,
PhD ’72
(Page 40)
Jessica Pan,
AB ’05, MBA
’10, PhD ’10
(Page 29)
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