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Summer 2013
in this edition of Capital Ideas
Marianne Bertrand,
Chris P. Dialynas
Distinguished Service Professor of
Economics, is an applied microecon-
omist. A native of Belgium, she is co-
director of Booth’s
a board director of the Ab-
dul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab,
and a coeditor of the
American Eco-
nomic Review.
Last year she won the Society of Labor
Economists’ Rosen Prize for Outstandinttg Contribu-
tions to Labor Economics. (Page 27)
John R. Birge,
Jerry W. and Carol Lee
Levin Professor of Operations Man-
agement, studies mathematical mod-
eling of systems under uncertainty.
His research has been supported by
the National Science Foundation, the
National Institute of Justice, the Of-
fice of Naval Research, and the Elec-
tric Power Research Institute, among others. He also
works as a consultant for a variety of firms and uses
cases from these experiences in his teaching. (Page 30)
John H. Cochrane,
AQR Capital Man-
agement Distinguished Service Pro-
fessor of Finance, is a research asso-
ciate of the National Bureau of Eco-
nomic Research, a senior fellow of the
Hoover Institution, an adjunct schol-
ar of the CATO institute, and a past
president and fellow of the American
Finance Association. He also pilots sailplanes, and blogs
as “the Grumpy Econo-
mist.” (Page 22)
Harry L. Davis,
Roger L. and Rachel
M. Goetz Distinguished Service Pro-
fessor of Creative Management, is cel-
ebrating 50 years at Booth this year.
A former deputy dean, he developed
the school’s pathbreaking LEAD pro-
gram, an early experiential leadership
development program.
Why Are You
Here And Not Somewhere Else
, a collection of Harry Da-
vis’s essays, will be published by the University of Chi-
cago Press this fall. (Page 40)
Douglas W. Diamond,
MertonH. Mill-
er Distinguished Service Professor
of Finance, specializes in the study
of financial intermediaries, financial
crises, and liquidity. His work has ap-
peared in such notable journals as the
Journal of Financial Economics
, the
Journal of Finance
, the
Review of Eco-
nomic Studies
, the
American Economic Review
, and the
Journal of Political Economy
. He joined Chicago Booth
in 1979 and also codirects Booth’s
Page 17)
Ayelet Fishbach,
Jeffrey Breakenridge
Keller Professor of Behavioral Sci-
ence and Marketing, studies social
psychology, with a primary research
focus on the processes of self-control.
She joined the Chicago Booth faculty
in 2002 and received the Provost’s
Teaching Award from the University
of Chicago in 2006. This summer she is teaching a class
in negotiations. (Page 34)
Robert W. Fogel,
Charles R. Walgreen
Distinguished Service Professor of
American Institutions, is a Nobel lau-
reate in economics and is recognized
worldwide as an outstanding eco-
nomic historian. The book excerpted
in this issue, about his late teacher
Simon Kuznets, is his 22nd. He is at
work on three more. (Page 37)
Linda E. Ginzel,
clinical professor of
managerial psychology, is a recipient of
the 2013 Global Hillel J. Einhorn Excel-
lence in Teaching Award, and a two-
time recipient of the James S. Kemper
Jr. Grant in Business Ethics. Ginzel is
currently teaching courses in negotia-
tions and leadership. She is also presi-
dent and chair of Kids In Danger, a nonprofit organization
dedicated to improving children’s product safety. (Page 40)
Anil K Kashyap,
Edward Eagle Brown
Professor of Economics and Finance
and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fel-
low, was recently appointed to serve
on the Financial Research Advisory
Committee of the Office of Financial
Research. An adviser to the Interna-
tional Monetary Fund, Kashyap also
advises the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and New
York, the International Monetary Fund, the Congressio-
nal Budget Office, and the Swedish Riksbank. (Page 23)
Randall S. Kroszner
is Norman R.
Bobins Professor of Economics. From
March 2006 until January 2009, he
was a governor of the Federal Reserve
System, where he took a leading role
in developing responses to the finan-
cial crisis and undertaking new initia-
tives to improve consumer protection
and disclosure. (Page 22)
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