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Summer 2013 | Capital Ideas
apital Ideas
traces its origins back half a cen-
tury, to when Chicago Booth—or the Graduate
School of Business, as it was then—began pub-
Selected Papers
, written by faculty members for
a general audience. In 1997, the school launched
tal Ideas
as a separate newsletter that featured articles
about faculty research. It subsequently evolved into a
magazine of between five and seven articles focused
on the research produced by one group within the
school—economists in one issue, behavioral scientists
in the next, and so on.
With the creation of a new
Intellectual Capital
department at Chicago Booth late last year,
is starting a new chapter, building on this history
while using new technology to spread the word about
research conducted at the school.
Booth is full of strong, diverse, challenging ideas.
That became quickly apparent when we arrived from
the world of financial journalism to explore the
school’s research and broader intellectual capital. We
have discovered no shortage of material to write about,
whether the topic is banking (our cover story) or psy-
chology, medicine, hospitality, or sports statistics (all
featured in this issue).
There are many terrific stories to tell. The new
Capital Ideas
will include more of them in every issue.
Instead of having five to seven articles, this relaunch
issue has 19. Rather than covering research from just
one group within the school, we include work from
eight. Whereas the old
Capital Ideas
featured one
scholarly paper per article, this issue cites dozens.
Up until now,
Capital Ideas
articles were a standard
length. This issue is more varied, with shorter sum-
maries of published papers and working papers in the
Front & Center section, and a features section with
longer stories that set research in a broader context.
We also are delighted to revive the spirit of the orig-
Selected Papers
series by having faculty address the
Capital Ideas
audience directly. We include an excerpt
from the latest book by
Robert W. Fogel,
winner of the
1993 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and
Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor
of American Institutions. Our Footnotes section also
carries a
article cowritten by
Richard H. Thaler,
Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Pro-
fessor of Behavioral Science and Economics, on the
retirement savings crisis.
Linda E. Ginzel,
clinical pro-
fessor of managerial psychology, writes about research
that has shaped her teaching. The feature story about
patience research is written by
Dave Nussbaum,
an ad-
junct assistant professor of behavioral science.
Most importantly,
Capital Ideas
magazine is now
just one way for us to tell our story. Please
for a regularly updated blog, extra fea-
tures, and video content. In January, we launched
Big Question
, a monthly video series in which expert
panels discuss important issues in economics, finance,
business, markets, and policy.
Chicago has a long and proud tradition of debate
and discussion, and we welcome your contributions.
or write to one
of the addresses below—with feedback, opinions, and
We look forward to the conversation.
Hal Weitzman
Executive Director, Intellectual Capital
Capital Ideas
Emily Lambert
Associate Director, Intellectual Capital
Capital Ideas
Hal Weitzman
Emily Lambert
Contributing Editor
Vanessa Sumo
Distribution Manager
Katheryn Edwards
Copy Editor
Molly Heim
Dustin Whitehead
Sadie Whitehead
Ron Reason
Francine McKenna
Amy Merrick
Robin Mordfin
Dave Nussbaum
Ray Vella
We welcome your comments.
+1 773.834.5863
. Address letters to Capital Ideas,
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago IL 60637. We
also receive letters at Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall
St., London EC2V 5HA and 101 Penang Road, Singapore
238 466.
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