Diana Atkins

Leadership Development Coach

Photo of Diana Atkins

Diana Atkins is a leadership development coach and Enerpace affiliate coach whose clients include business owners, senior leaders, and emerging leaders in a variety of disciplines and across a broad range of industries. Atkins is passionate about coaching her clients to lead courageously and authentically. Read full bio »

Susan Lucia Annunzio

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for High Performance

Photo of Susan Lucia Annunzio

Susan Lucia Annunzio is president and chief executive officer of the Center for High Performance. She is a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation. Annunzio partners with senior executives to increase their ability to simplify complex strategic decisions. Read full bio »

Gregory D. Bunch

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

Photo of Gregory Bunch

Greg Bunch brings years of practical experience as a general manager and entrepreneur to his classes. He is a cofounder and director of Oration, a healthcare data start-up. Bunch works with Fortune 50, family, and start-up businesses in the areas of innovation and strategy. Read full bio »

Elene Cafasso, '87

President of Enerpace, Inc.

Photo of Elene Cafasso

Elene Cafasso is a professionally trained executive coach and president of Enerpace, Inc., an executive coaching firm. Cafasso's coaching enables leaders to achieve their objectives in the areas most critical to their success: leadership development, team building, professional communication, and organizational effectiveness. Read full bio »

Ellen Carnahan, '84

Principal at Machrie Enterprises and Senior Advisor to Chicago Ventures

Photo of Ellen Carnahan, '84

Ellen Carnahan has been a director of 25 public and private companies. She is currently working with three companies, including Integrys Energy Group, Inc. Read full bio »

Sara Kaufman Elsasser, '10

Managing Director of Recruitment Strategy at Teach for America

Photo of Sara Kaufman Elsasser, '10

Sara Kaufman Elsasser graduated from Chicago Booth in June 2010. Prior to attending business school, Elsasser attended Washington University in St. Louis and worked for Teach For America as a member of the recruitment team. As a student at Booth, Elsasser concentrated in strategic management, managerial and organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. Read full bio »

Debra Fine

Best-selling Author and Communication Expert

Photo of Debra Fine

Bestselling author, keynote speaker, and internationally recognized communication expert Debra Fine began her career as an engineer, an occupation that allowed her to maintain her natural shyness and avoid situations that required social and personal interactions. Read full bio »

Kathleen Simon Fortney, '81

Learning Strategist at Berkeley Training

Photo of Kathleen Simon Fortney

Kathleen Simon Fortney is a learning strategist for Berkeley Training, a Judge Company. She has designed, developed, and delivered corporate training programs that cover a wide range of topics, including supply chain operations, pharmaceutical quality standards, diversity awareness, and retail store operations. Read full bio »

Cheryl Francis, '78

Cofounder and Co-Chairman of Corporate Leadership Center (CLC)

Photo of Cheryl Francis, '78

Cheryl Francis is cofounder and co-chairman of Corporate Leadership Center (CLC), a partnership between major corporations and academic institutions, which advances top corporate leaders and leadership practices. Read full bio »

Matthew Gentzkow

Richard O. Ryan Professor of Economics and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow

Photo of Matthew Gentzkow

Matthew Gentzkow is Richard O. Ryan Professor of Economics and Neubauer Faculty Fellow at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He studies empirical industrial organization and political economy, with a specific focus on media industries. Read full bio »

Linda E. Ginzel

Clinical Professor of Managerial Psychology at Chicago Booth

Photo of Linda E. Ginzel

Linda E. Ginzel specializes in managerial psychology, leadership development, negotiation skills and organizational behavior. In 2000 President Clinton awarded her a President's Service Award, the nation's highest honor for volunteer service directed at solving critical social problems. She is also the two-time recipient of the James S. Kemper Jr. Grant in Business Ethics. Read full bio »

Christina Hachikian, '07

Director of the Social Enterprise Initiative at Chicago Booth

Photo of Christina Hachikian

Christina Hachikian is the director of the Social Enterprise Initiative at Chicago Booth and is responsible for leading the growth of the Initiative to enhance the impact of social sector organizations through research, communication, and education. Read full bio »

Janet Harbour

Managing Director of Strategic Accounts at the Judge Group

Photo of Janet Harbour

Janet Harbour is an accomplished business executive. She began her career as a business and implementation analyst with Siemens Medical Solutions. As managing director of strategic accounts for the Judge Group, a $300 million global professional services firm, she has been in the staffing, consulting, and training services industry for 25 years. Read full bio »

Molly Heilmann

Vice President of Custom Learning Solutions at Berkeley Training

Photo of Molly Heilmann

Molly Heilmann is a seasoned consultative sales professional with over 20 years of strategic account management experience. As vice president of custom learning solutions for Berkeley Training, she now leads a team of instructional designers in the learning and development industry. Read full bio »

Katie Hill-Gottesman, '13 (XP-82)

Founder and CEO of Commuter Advertising

Photo of Katie Hill-Gottesman, '13 (XP-82)

Katie Hill-Gottesman is the founder and CEO of Commuter Advertising, an innovative digital transit media company that delivers relevant location-based media while contributing to sustainable public transit. Read full bio »

Michele Hooper, '75

President of MJH Consulting LLC and Founder and Managing Partner of the Directors' Council

Photo of Michele Hooper, '75

Michele Hooper is president of MJH Consulting, LLC, and founder and managing partner of the Directors' Council, which specializes in corporate boards of directors recruitment focused primarily on diversity candidates and board advisory services. Read full bio »

Syeda Noorein Inamdar, '93

Assistant Professor in the Department of Organization and Management at San Jose State University

Photo of Syeda Noorein Inamdar, '93

Syeda Noorein Inamdar is an assistant professor in the Department of Organization and Management at San Jose State University. Her research work is grounded in the strategy discipline, which seeks to understand factors distinguishing high performance. Inamdar is also a faculty coach for the Executive Edge Leadership Coaching program at the San Jose State University College of Business. Read full bio »

Tim Kelley

Founder and CEO, Interstellar

Photo of Tim Kelley

Timothy Kelley is the founder and CEO of Interstellar, the firm that launched the world’s first live, team-based, online academic competition platform. Appropriate for any grade or subject, the application allows students to compete with their peers from across the classroom, or across the planet, without ever leaving the confines of their school or home. Read full bio »

Suzanne Martin, '95

Chief Marketing Officer of Revenew

Photo of Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin is chief marketing officer for Revenew, a start-up revolutionizing channel management. Revenew is the leader in channel networking, a cloud-based business-networking platform that connects resellers, distributors, and buying groups, regardless of size, to their manufacturer partners. Read full bio »

Kendra Mirasol, '93

President of IOR Global Services

Photo of Kendra Mirasol, '93

Kendra Mirasol is president of IOR Global Services. As co-owner and general manager, she is responsible for implementing the company's strategy and running day-to-day operations. Mirasol spends significant time with IOR's clients and serves as a liaison and speaker on global mobility and global talent management. Read full bio »

Jeff Nelson

Cofounder and CEO of OneGoal

Photo of Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson is cofounder and CEO of OneGoal, an innovative three-year college persistence program that identifies, trains, and supports our nation's most effective teachers to lead underperforming high school students to reach their full potential and graduate from college. Read full bio »

Alice Obermiller

Senior Coach in the Leadership Development Office of Chicago Booth's Full-Time MBA Program

Photo of Alice Obermiller

Alice Obermiller has spent more than a decade coaching and advising students and alumni with Chicago Booth. As a senior coach in the Full-Time Program's Leadership Development Office, she leads the curriculum on public speaking, as well as a module designed to enhance students' abilities to more accurately gather personal insights from their experiences. Read full bio »

Karin O'Connor

Managing Director, Hyde Park Angels

Photo of Karin O'Connor

Karin O’Connor is managing director of Hyde Park Angels (HPA), Chicago’s largest angel investment network. In this role, she works with members, staff, and student associates to source and screen opportunities, close investments, and manage the portfolio. O’Connor has personally participated in a number of deals with HPA and served as the group’s representative on the board of the portfolio company FeeFighters, which was acquired by Groupon in 2012. She is also the founder of Perimeter Advisors, an advisory firm that assists owners of promising mid-market companies with planning and executing value enhancement strategies.Read full bio »

Micki O'Neil, '07

Founding Executive Director of Foundations College Prep

Photo of Micki O'Neil, '07

Micki O'Neil is founding executive director of Foundations College Prep, a new grade 6 - 12 charter school authorized to open in 2014 in Chicago's far south. Her team received a Next Generation Learning Challenge grant funded by the Gates Foundation to support innovative new school models. Read full bio »

Laura Pearl, '88

Managing Director, Ceres Venture Fund

Photo of Laura Pearl, '88

Laura Pearl has over 20 years of private equity investing experience and currently works at Ceres Venture Fund, a Chicago-based firm dedicated to funding early stage high-growth companies in the Midwest. Pearl regularly lectures on private equity and entrepreneurial finance at Chicago Booth and Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She is also a board member for the Illinois Venture Capital Association.Read full bio »

Robert Rosenberg, '97 (XP-66)

Adjunct Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth and Associate Vice President for Communication at the University of Chicago

Photo of Robert Rosenberg, '97 (XP-66)

Robert Rosenberg, '97 (XP-66), is the associate vice president for communication at the University of Chicago. Previously, he supported technology development and economic outreach in the Office of the Vice President for Research. Rosenberg came to the University in 1989 as director of industrial relations and technology at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Read full bio »

Ellen Rudnick, '73

Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Chicago Booth

Photo of Ellen Rudnick, '73

Ellen Rudnick spent 25 years in business management and entrepreneurial activities, primarily in health care and information services, before joining the Chicago Booth faculty. She was president and CEO of Healthcare Knowledge Resources, president of HCIA, chairman of Pacific Biometrics, and corporate vice president of Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Read full bio »

Gurjot Sidhu, AB '90, MBA '93

CEO and Creative Director, Gurjot New York

Photo of Gurjot Sidhu

A Chicago native and long-time New York resident, Sidhu founded Gurjot New York out of her passion to see women professionals excel in the workplace. Recognizing the lack of high quality, relevant business wear available in the market, Sidhu combined her experience and interests to design a line of luxury business wear that conveys power, style, and success. Read full bio »

Beth Stewart

CEO of Trewstar

Photo of Beth Stewart

Beth Stewart is the CEO of Trewstar, a firm solely focused on getting women on boards. She is a corporate director for CarMax. Stewart is a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and is mother of five children. Read full bio »

Susan J. Templeton, '05 (XP-74)

President of Stafford Wells Advisors

Photo of Susan J. Templeton, '05 (XP-74)

Susan Templeton is the founder of Stafford Wells Advisors, a wealth management firm serving individuals, families, and businesses. Stafford Wells was founded in 2008 with the mission of delivering independent, complete, unbiased investment and planning advice, free of conflicts of interest. Templeton has more than 20 years' experience in investment management. Read full bio »

Mary Tolan, '92 (XP-61) - Keynote speaker

Founder and Chair of Accretive Health

Photo of Mary Tolan

Mary Tolan is the founder and chair of Accretive Health, a leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end health care revenue-cycle management services and population health management services infrastructure. Read full bio »

Cyndi Walsh, '91

President of Walsh Financial Services

Photo of Cyndi Walsh, '91

Cyndi Walsh is an investment and financial management professional with more than 25 years of both public and private sector experience. She runs her own investment advisory firm, Walsh Financial Services, that provides wealth management services for individuals, private trusts, and corporate clients. Read full bio »

Craig Wortmann

Clinical Associate Professor at Chicago Booth

Photo of Craig Wortmann

Craig Wortmann is a clinical associate professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Wortmann designed, developed and teaches the award-winning course called "Entrepreneurial Selling" which was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top ten courses in the country. Read full bio »

Last Updated 9/10/13
Last Updated 9/10/13