Friday, October 4

8:30 - 9 a.m.

Registration and Continental Breakfast

9 - 9:15 a.m.

Welcome Remarks

9:15 - 10:30 a.m.

High Performance Leadership

Global competition, political realities, and economic conditions are affecting business success, challenging companies to continually harness brainpower and accelerate organizational performance. In the past, companies have right-sized, cut costs, improved efficiency, acquired or shed businesses, and flattened the organization. But in today's world, these measures are not enough to achieve profitable growth. The plenary session will be led by Susan Lucia Annunzio, president and CEO of the Center for High Performance. Susan also teaches in several Executive Education programs at Chicago Booth.

10:30 - 10:45 a.m.


10:45 - 11:45 a.m.

Concurrent Sessions

Inside the Chicago Booth Shark Tank (brought to you by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship)

The Edward L. Kaplan, '71, New Venture Challenge (NVC) is the premier start-up program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, helping students turn entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses. Well-known Chicago-based companies such as GrubHub, Braintree, BenchPrep, and MedSpeed got their start in this program. Today you'll get an insider's view of the NVC by watching an NVC team pitch their business and then answer questions from NVC coaches and entrepreneurs. Presenting will be Bob Rosenberg, '97 (XP-66), adjunct associate professor of entrepreneurship; Ellen Rudnick, '73, clinical professor of entrepreneurship and executive director of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Laura Pearl, '88, managing director at Ceres Venture Fund; and Karin O'Connor, managing director at Hyde Park Angels.


Women and Competition: How Self-Perception Can Support or Undermine Our Ability to Get Ahead

The number of messages we receive "telling" us to be more of "this" to compete, but less of "that" to succeed is confusing and often defeating. So how can we sort through this litany of mixed data to find the truth as it applies to ourselves? In this session, Alice Obermiller, senior leadership coach from Chicago Booth's Leadership Development Office, will highlight key areas of research to help participants glean insight into how our own perceptions can either support or misinform our actions and behaviors at work.


Riding the Bull: Leading Marketing and Growth in a Start Up (brought to you by the Kilts Center for Marketing)

Managing marketing for a start-up is as much a proving ground for the fundamentals as it is a playground for experimenting with the latest techniques. Today's marketing is evolving quickly to become the core growth driver for most companies, so being a leader in this environment requires a strong blend of both functional expertise and strong business management experience. Start-ups demand both skillsets simultaneously. Some say it's like riding a bull - a "linear" roller coaster analogy just won't do! Hear from Suzanne Martin, '95, seasoned CMO who has led marketing for both corporate enterprises and start-ups, and walk away with a list of approaches that will make you a better marketer, and business leader, in either environment.  Today, marketing is THE driver of growth in most companies, so it's important to get experience with the broadest definition of marketing's true purpose – and that means figuring out how you can contribute to growth and scaling an enterprise to the next level.  "Riding the bull" of a fast-growing start-up builds marketing (and business leadership) skills that will strengthen your professional equity and career roadmap.


Introduction to Coaching Skills for Female Leaders

This fast-paced and interactive workshop will give you the experience of coaching and being coached. We'll use exercises to practice powerful questions and demonstrate an actual "coach approach" you can implement immediately to enhance your leadership effectiveness. This experiential overview, led by Diana Atkins (leadership development coach) and Elene Cafasso, '87 (president of Enerpace, Inc.), provides an introduction to one of the most powerful tools needed to conduct highly effective coaching conversations whenever and wherever the learning opportunities arise.


Smart Woman, Smart Financial Decisions

Setting up your financial future requires careful thought. Most individuals are not aware of the added measures available when choosing whom to hire, the terms of the relationship, and how to document expectations. These are probably the most impactful decisions that will affect your financial future.This program, led by Susan J. Templeton, '05 (XP-74), founder of Stafford Wells Advisors, will provide a roadmap of the decisions, processes, and critical thinking skills needed to manage one's financial future, regardless of age.


Creating Customers: The Customer Journey (brought to you by Executive Education)

How do you create raving fans among your customers? Good business leaders never lose sight of their customers. They study customers and the market to find opportunities for growing the business. They constantly ask themselves why their customers buy and how they can better serve them. Join Gregory D. Bunch, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, to learn how to design a journey for customers from ignorance to advocacy.

11:45 - Noon


Noon - 1:30 p.m.

Keynote and Luncheon

Mary Tolan, '92 (XP-61), founder and chair of Accretive Health, shares her rich experience as a leader in the health care revenue-cycle management space and as a former leading partner at Accenture, where she played a leadership role in taking the $16 billion consulting company public in 2001.

1:30 - 1:45 p.m.


1:45 - 2:45 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

The Business of Education (brought to you by the Social Enterprise Initiative)

There are few topics more critical and important than the education of today's youth, especially in Chicago. Panelists Sara Kaufman Elsasser, '10 (managing director of recruitment strategy at Teach for America), Tim Kelley (founder of Interstellar), Jeff Nelson (cofounder and CEO of OneGoal), and Micki O'Neill, '07 (founding executive director of Foundations College Prep) will discuss current trends in the education space and how they are leveraging their MBAs in the field of education.  Christina Hachikian, '07, (director of the Social Enterprise Initiative), will moderate this lively discussion.


Coaching Programs for Women in Business: Are They Worth It?

This session, led by Syeda Noorein Inamdar, '93, assistant professor at San Jose State University, will provide insight into the value of coaching programs for developing high performance characteristics of women in business. The session will address questions about how to measure and predict success, how to evaluate the costs and benefits of the coaching process, and more. The session will conclude with insight on whether session attendees should consider participating in a coaching program and how to derive the greatest value from this experience if they choose to do so.


Want Leadership Success? Make Sure Your EQ is as High as Your IQ

Studies have shown that as much as 40 percent of an individual's success can be attributed to their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions, and the emotions of others, to achieve your desired outcome. Unlike IQ, your EQ can be developed and enhanced. But first you need to know what it is, where to begin and what to work on. This presentation, led by Elene Cafasso, '87, executive coach and president of Enerpace, Inc., provides a great overview of the rich topic of EI. We'll tailor the session to your challenge areas and interests, so everyone can leave with some tips and techniques to put into practice immediately.


Stories and Influence

Our stories are our most powerful asset. But do we use them intentionally? Are we able to tell the right stories at the right time for the right reasons? The ability to tell stories is the most powerful tool of influence we wield. In this session with Craig Wortmann, clinical associate professor of entrepreneurship, you will learn how your stories impact and motivate people, and how to capture, distill, and tell your most powerful stories.


Ideological Segregation Online and Offline

Is the internet changing the ideological segregation of the American electorate? In this session, Matthew Gentzkow, Richard O. Ryan Professor of Economics and Neubauer Faculty Fellow, presents research using individual and aggregate data with a focus on online news consumption, offline news consumption, and face-to-face social interactions.


Bring Your A Game without Saying a Word: Power Dressing for the Advancing Executive

You've done the work, acquired the right credentials, and are off and running in a career you love. Or, you're planning a career change and need to look more than just the part. Women's professional opportunities have advanced tremendously in the last two decades, but our dressing options have not. Historically, women have not had the same quality and tailoring in their business wear that men have enjoyed for centuries. In this session, Gurjot Sidhu, AB '90, MBA '93, draws on her experience as CEO and Creative Director of Gurjot New York, a luxury business wear brand for women, to give power dressing tips and advice on strategic wardrobe building to help advance your career. Topics include:

  • Leveraging the 15 seconds you have to make an impression
  • Reflecting your professional mindset in your clothing
  • Applying expert knowledge on fabric quality, clothing fit, and balance
  • Discovering the best way to make a good investment in your work wardrobe

The result? People will know who you are and what you stand for before you even say a word.

2:45 - 3 p.m.


3 - 4 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions


You Can Live Twice: Repackaging Skills for a Second Career

A midlife crisis is not just for men anymore; many successful women also experience angst after an extended time in one career. Other women find themselves forced into thinking about changing careers when the vagaries of the economy eliminate or drastically change their work situations. Still others realize that their initial chosen profession either is not what they expected or fails to satisfy their own personal needs. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch careers, this interactive session will provide you with some tools to analyze your work needs, think about how to repackage your skills and experiences, and make an achievable plan for moving into a new career. The session will be facilitated by Kathleen Fortney, '81 (learning strategist for Berkeley Training), Janet Harbour (managing director of the Judge Group), and Molly Heilmann (vice president of custom learning solutions for Berkeley Training).  


The Fine Art of Small Talk

Former engineer and nationally recognized keynote speaker and bestselling author Debra Fine delivers a fast-paced, informative, and entertaining presentation on the Fine Art of Small Talk. Together we'll laugh, learn, and leave with the tools to develop and cultivate outstanding conversation skills and business networking techniques that will result in meeting new customers/clients, building relationships, increasing visibility, maintaining positive team and stake holder morale and developing and growing successful organizations. Learn how to turn every conversation into an opportunity for success.


Managing Across Cultures: Key Skills for Global Leadership

Companies continue to look outside their borders to increase revenues and profits. But it takes a certain kind of leader who understands how to effectively manage relationships across cultures. Join this session, led by Kendra Mirasol, '93, president of IOR Global Services, for an interactive workshop delving into the various cultural values and communication styles across the globe, and gain an understanding of what you can do to more effectively work with your global counterparts.


The "Bored" Room: Increasing Diversity on Today's Boards of Directors

Women comprise only 16.6 percent of corporate boards according to annual findings released by Catalyst, the nation's leading women-in-business advocacy organization. The percentage of women on boards has hardly changed in a decade. It's time for a new approach to an old problem. This session will address the transformation from "bored rooms" of yesterday to dynamic boards that reflect modern business leadership. This panel, led by Beth Stewart and stacked with experienced directors, will discuss strategies to increase board diversity and optimize director effectiveness, preparing you for your day as a director. The panel will feature Ellen Carnahan, '84, Cheryl Francis, '78, Michele Hooper, '75, and organizer Katie Hill-Gottesman, '13 (XP-82)


Fashioncents: Investing Like a Pro with the Skills You Already Know

You've got your career plans on track, but do you have a plan for the money you've earned? Women in business today are faced with many demands on their time and attention. From balancing work and family to staying current in your field, there are many demands on your time that push investment management to the back burner. This session will give you practical yet sophisticated investment knowledge that you can use to navigate today's complex investment climate. The session, led by Cyndi Walsh, '91, principal of Walsh Financial Services, will cover topics that include choosing the right investment advisor, asset allocation strategies, alternative asset classes, and more.


Action and Insight Skills

The purpose of this session, led by clinical professor of managerial psychology Linda Ginzel, is to offer an MBA classroom experience which presents a framework that will help participants to better understand the importance of action and insight skills for lifelong learning.

4 - 5:30 p.m.

Closing Reception

Engage with conference attendees, students, alumni, and staff as we cap off the day with food and beverages at a casual reception.

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