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About Us

Innovation is a key strength many organizations seek to develop that often leads to competitive advantage, new value creation and growth. This innovation is commonly seen within entrepreneurial settings; however, larger organizations still struggle to incorporate it and allow growth within their culture.

The Innovation Roundtable was formed to support and connect individuals who are looking to introduce or champion innovation within their organization. The roundtable seeks to:

  • Create a forum across industries to share insight into innovation in practice with success stories, supporting evidence, and free exchange of ideas

  • Provide members with concepts and tools that can be applied immediately including theories, methodologies, and best practices to bring forth innovation

  • Develop a network for individuals who share a common interest to identify, develop and commercialize new products and/or services that far surpass those that are currently in the market.

Club Leadership

Gideon Schlessinger

Bhavini Shah
Vice President Communications

Brian Kemper
Vice President Partnerships

Board of Advisors
Jim Adams

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Club Membership

The Innovation Roundtable maintains an open membership. While there is not a fee to join, we may charge for our events in order to continue to offer quality programming. If you are interested in joining, please subscribe to our mailing list.