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Lost Alumni: Class Years 1970-1979

The list below contains lost alumni who graduated in the 1970's. If you recognize someone on the list and know their whereabouts, then please send us their contact information and we will send you a Chicago Booth alumni t-shirt. You can also ask them to contact us.

First NameLast NameDegreeDegree YearProgram
Gerald Arnold MBA'70 1970 Campus
Bhanusak Tony Asvaintra MBA'70 1970 Campus
Philip Glenwood Barnes MBA'70 1970 Evening
Keith William Bishop MBA'70 1970 Campus
Michael J. Brady MBA'70 1970 Evening
Robert E. Brakewood MBA'70 1970 Campus
Terry G. Brown MBA'70 1970 Campus
Michel F. Clerin MBA'70 1970 Campus
Jacques M. Desbiez MBA'70 1970 Campus
Francis C. De Sutter MBA'70 1970 Campus
Denis B. B. Goddard MBA'70 1970 Campus
Jean-Pierre Gorgue MBA'70 1970 Campus
Bruce M. Gras MBA'70 1970 Campus
Iain James Harris MBA'70 1970 Campus
Paul Chi-Chung Hsia MBA'70 1970 Campus
Ellis N. Kackley MBA'70 1970 Campus
Andrew Karnig MBA'70 1970 Evening
Andrew J. Kirk MBA'70 1970 Campus
Earl L. Lawrence MBA'70 1970 Evening
Charles H. Meyer MBA'70 1970 Campus
Ronald Barry Moore MBA'70 1970 Campus
Leith Wood Muessle MBA'70 1970 Campus
Jean-Paul Renoirte MBA'70 1970 Campus
Jewelene Ryan Robinson MBA'70 1970 Campus
Max D. Sanders MBA'70 (XP-27) 1970 Exec-North America
Michael Stanton Schilling MBA'70 1970 Evening
Stephen L. Barnard AB'71 1971 Campus
Thomas Merrill Bennett MBA'71 (XP-28) 1971 Exec-North America
Manfred Alexander Brauchle MBA'71 1971 Campus
Denis L. Cassidy MBA'71 1971 Evening
Edward Timothy Clark MBA'71 1971 Evening
Hans-Peter Cordes MBA'71 1971 Campus
James J. Cullen MBA'71 1971 Campus
Remy Epstein MBA'71 1971 Campus
Anthony James Freeman MBA'71 1971 Campus
Yoram Friedman PHD'71 1971 PhD
Shmuel Goldman PHD'71 1971 PhD
Richard W. Grayston PHD'71 1971 PhD
John E. Hinkle MBA'71 1971 Evening
Edgar L. Jones MBA'71 1971 Campus
Wesley R. King EX'71 (XP-29) 1971 Exec-North America
Eric R. Klempner MBA'71 1971 Campus
William J. Koch MBA'71 1971 Campus
Louis Harold Landman MBA'71 (XP-26) 1971 Exec-North America
H. Joseph McGee MBA'71 1971 Campus
Suresh Mehra MBA'71 1971 Campus
Donald F. O'Shaughnessy MBA'71 1971 Evening
Joseph William Perley MBA'71 1971 Campus
Bruce Alan Renihan MBA'71 1971 Campus
Victoria Lynn Sanders EX'71 1971  
Gerald Raymond Schwartz MBA'71 1971 Evening
Lee David Van Camp MBA'71 1971 Campus
Gideon Weinstein MBA'71 1971 Campus
Stephen Francis Young MBA'71 1971 Campus
Michael Vincent Anthony MBA'72 1972 Campus
Stephen Marc Bendelson MBA'72 1972 Campus
John Clark Bledsoe MBA'72 1972 Campus
Michel J. Bonnamy MBA'72 1972 Campus
Charles E. Bottorff MBA'72 (XP-31) 1972 Exec-North America
Grace Ka-Yan Bruce MBA'72 1972 Campus
Kenneth F. Buccieri MBA'72 1972 Evening
Lincoln Ling Ka Cheng MBA'72 1972 Campus
Joseph George Cohen MBA'72 1972 Campus
Hollis C. Cornelius MBA'72 (XP-27) 1972 Exec-North America
Alain d'Avernas MBA'72 1972 Campus
Luiz Augusto De Braganca MBA'72 1972 Campus
Richard Paul Deranian MBA'72 1972 Evening
John Fawthrop MBA'72 1972 Campus
Carl A. Fields MBA'72 1972 Campus
Bernard A. Fischli MBA'72 1972 Campus
Francisco Javier Frei MBA'72 1972 Campus
Kenji Hattori MBA'72 1972 Campus
Eugene Yau Wah Ho MBA'72 1972 Campus
Lynell Johnson MBA'72 1972 Evening
Dileep R. Kanitkar MBA'72 1972 Evening
Robert Louis Krueger MBA'72 1972 Campus
Martin Elliot Levine MBA'72 1972 Campus
Richard L. Linting MBA'72 1972 Evening
Antoine James Meyer MBA'72 1972 Campus
Sharon L. Moritz MBA'72 1972 Evening
Edwin D. Murphy MBA'72 1972 Evening
James Joseph Murphy MBA'72 1972 Evening
Jean W. Orr MBA'72 1972 Evening
Jules E. Reese MBA'72 (XP-30) 1972 Exec-North America
Robert Edward Scheible MBA'72 1972 Evening
Eva Maria Schmatz MBA'72 1972 Campus
Thomas G. Schrode MBA'72 1972 Evening
Robert S. Seeler MBA'72 (XP-31) 1972 Exec-North America
Werner Sengenberger PHD'72 1972 PhD
Howard L. Smithson MBA'72 1972 Campus
Timothy W. Stonich MBA'72 1972 Evening
Pierre J. Van Thuyne MBA'72 1972 Campus
Marshall Lee Weissend MBA'72 1972 Evening
David Logan Welch MBA'72 1972 Campus
John F. Wells MBA'72 1972 Evening
William Frank Weprin MBA'72 (XP-31) 1972 Exec-North America
Gregory Joseph Benson MBA'73 1973 Campus
Lois Lynn Brazda MBA'73 1973 Campus
Louis Terry Cobbs MBA'73 1973 Campus
Edward A. De Camp MBA'73 1973 Campus
Cristobal Diaz MBA'73 1973 Campus
Andrew Gallacher MBA'73 1973 Evening
Dennis Keith Hager MBA'73 1973 Evening
Monique Jones-Montluc MBA'73 1973 Campus
Amit J. Joshi MBA'73 1973 Evening
Norman G. Jungman MBA'73 1973 Evening
Alan Ross Lambert MBA'73 1973 Campus
Vincent Lane MBA'73 (XP-32) 1973 Exec-North America
William F. Madziarczyk MBA'73 (XP-32) 1973 Exec-North America
Pete Ramirez Martinez MBA'73 1973 Campus
Shig Matsuo MBA'73 (XP-32) 1973 Exec-North America
Manny Miller MBA'73 1973 Campus
James E. Moore MBA'73 (XP-32) 1973 Exec-North America
Eiji Noma MBA'73 1973 Campus
David I. Novick MBA'73 1973 Evening
Shrikrishna D. Rege MBA'73 1973 Campus
Remus C. Rhodes MBA'73 (XP-33) 1973 Exec-North America
Oliver E. Richardson MBA'73 1973 Campus
Kjell Thomas Rud MBA'73 1973 Evening
Roberto Sanchez-Miranda MBA'73 1973 Campus
W. Alfredo Schonborn MBA'73 1973 Campus
William R. Scott PHD'73 1973 PhD
Kenneth W. Sovereign MBA'73 (XP-32) 1973 Exec-North America
Donald R. St. Clair MBA'73 1973 Evening
Joseph Richard Sullivan MBA'73 1973 Campus
Gunnar Thov Thowsen PHD'73 1973 PhD
Andrea Joan Torok MBA'73 1973 Evening
Jon Keith Volwieder MBA'73 1973 Campus
Brian J. Williams MBA'73 1973 Evening
Wallace W. Williams MBA'73 1973 Evening
Bruce Guy Alford MBA'74 1974 Evening
Richard C. Baron MBA'74 1974 Campus
Paul Brecx MBA'74 1974 Campus
Richard Elroy Brinkmann MBA'74 1974 Campus
Paul M. Dandoy MBA'74 1974 Campus
Joseph Vincent DiRago MBA'74 1974 Campus
Jean-Paul Escourrou MBA'74 1974 Evening
Paul Steven Greenfield MBA'74 1974 Campus
John Burgess Hodsden MBA'74 1974 Evening
Donald R. Jeschke MBA'74 (XP-34) 1974 Exec-North America
Thomas Leon Killian MBA'74 1974 Campus
Moon Hoe Lee PHD'74 1974 PhD
John Litt MBA'74 (XP-34) 1974 Exec-North America
Carlton Edward Lowery MBA'74 1974 Campus
Job J. Maats MBA'74 1974 Campus
Ashim Adebowale Oyekan MBA'74 1974 Campus
W. Anthony Peters MBA'74 1974 Evening
Larry Allen Stein MBA'74 1974 Campus
D. Richard Stevens MBA'74 1974 Campus
Takeaki Takeuchi MBA'74 1974 Campus
James Arthur Wagner MBA'74 1974 Evening
J. Lawrence Walters MBA'74 (XP-34) 1974 Exec-North America
John Charles Alsina MBA'75 1975 Campus
Daniel Arnaud MBA'75 1975 Campus
Ralph L. Bradley MBA'75 (XP-35) 1975 Exec-North America
Brenda Tipton Conway MBA'75 1975 Campus
Claude Wendell Creamer MBA'75 (XP-35) 1975 Exec-North America
Thomas R. Dalton MBA'75 (XP-35) 1975 Exec-North America
Barbara C. Dierolf MBA'75 1975 Evening
Peter Osei Duah MBA'75 1975 Campus
Shawn Mary Foley MBA'75 1975 Evening
Jane Fyler MBA'75 1975 Evening
T. Mitchell Gibson MBA'75 1975 Campus
Thomas Allen Ginsler MBA'75 1975 Campus
William E. Goss MBA'75 1975 Campus
Frederick Grant MBA'75 1975 Evening
Shraga A. Greenvald MBA'75 1975 Campus
Bruce Myron Johnson MBA'75 1975 Evening
Louis Robert Johnson MBA'75 1975 Campus
Kenneth B. Marshall MBA'75 1975 Evening
Garry J. Nelson MBA'75 (XP-35) 1975 Exec-North America
Akihiko Ohta MBA'75 1975 Campus
Anne E. Osberg MBA'75 1975 Evening
Steven L. Owens MBA'75 1975 Campus
William R. Polley MBA'75 (XP-35) 1975 Exec-North America
Robert Dennis Regner MBA'75 1975 Evening
Sanford Charles Schulert MBA'75 1975 Evening
Olga Barrett Schwartz MBA'75 1975 Campus
Michael Joseph Seymour MBA'75 1975 Campus
Richard C. Still MBA'75 1975 Campus
Ronald David Weisel MBA'75 1975 HAP
Jacques P. Angenieux MBA'76 1976 Campus
Jean Bonafous MBA'76 1976 Campus
Robert L. Broom MBA'76 1976 Evening
Stephen J. Brown PHD'76 1976 PhD
M. Patricia Chapin JD'76 1976 Campus
Joseph F. Delaney MBA'76 (XP-36) 1976 Exec-North America
Sherry W. Featherstone MBA'76 1976 Evening
John Herman Frankel MBA'76 1976 Evening
Kam Hong Fung MBA'76 1976 Campus
Martin Edward Gottlieb MBA'76 1976 Evening
Fredrick Norman Grimm MBA'76 1976 Evening
Michael Tak-Man Hon MBA'76 1976 Campus
James Peter Johnson MBA'76 1976 Evening
William R. Kuh MBA'76 1976 Evening
Louis A. Lawrence MBA'76 (XP-37) 1976 Exec-North America
John Skeeles Lee MBA'76 1976 Evening
Paula C. Mahone MBA'76 1976 Campus
Calvin T. Mathews MBA'76 1976 Evening
Gilbert Meister MBA'76 1976 Evening
Earle George Miller MBA'76 1976 Evening
Karl R. Mitchener MBA'76 (XP-37) 1976 Exec-North America
Philip M. Moore MBA'76 (XP-37) 1976 Exec-North America
Linda Celeste Moy MBA'76 1976 Campus
Kenneth Joseph O'Brien MBA'76 1976 Evening
Carol J. Overby MBA'76 1976 Campus
Vincent Anthony Pedre MBA'76 1976 Campus
W. Scott Prentiss MBA'76 1976 Campus
Nicholas J. Principe MBA'76 1976 Evening
Diane Margaret Ries MBA'76 1976 Campus
Peter George Robbins MBA'76 1976 Campus
Howard S. Ryan MBA'76 (XP-36) 1976 Exec-North America
Nemeh E. Sabbagh MBA'76 1976 Campus
Davi Teodoro Schaly MBA'76 1976 Campus
Mark J. Schulte MBA'76 1976 Campus
Greg G. Stetson MBA'76 1976 Campus
David Lewis Stewart-Jones MBA'76 1976 Campus
Philip Charles Theis MBA'76 1976 Evening
James Vern Thompson MBA'76 1976 Evening
Renee Patricia Thompson MBA'76 1976 HAP
Kevin Wing-Kin Tong MBA'76 1976 Campus
Suresh C. Vardya MBA'76 (XP-37) 1976 Exec-North America
Godelieve Vliegen MBA'76 1976 Campus
Louis Arthur Weiss MBA'76 1976 Campus
Joseph P. Alaks MBA'77 1977 Evening
David L. Bondi-Barkan MBA'77 1977 Evening
Dennis Joel Boruck MBA'77 1977 Evening
Alberto Camacho Galvan MBA'77 1977 Campus
Mark W. Cavnar MBA'77 1977 Evening
Judy Frances Cohen MBA'77 1977 Campus
Sergio R. Carvalho Dias MBA'77 1977 Campus
David J. Evanson MBA'77 1977 Campus
Yehuda Figin-Tsafrir MBA'77 1977 Campus
William Samuel Kaye MBA'77 1977 Campus
Lee R. Keenan MBA'77 1977 Evening
Raymond C. Koenig MBA'77 (XP-39) 1977 Exec-North America
Mark J. Lesniowski MBA'77 1977 Campus
Marc G. Lory MBA'77 (XP-38) 1977 Exec-North America
Bak Beng Low MBA'77 1977 Evening
Niko Maksimyadis MBA'77 1977 Campus
Robert Alan Moss MBA'77 1977 Campus
Kenneth John Peters MBA'77 1977 Campus
Martin James Russell MBA'77 1977 Campus
Carol Sue Shanks MBA'77 1977 Evening
Joann Mary Sochor MBA'77 1977 Campus
Robert J. Stermole MBA'77 1977 Evening
Gardner Henry Stern MBA'77 1977 Campus
John Roy Taylor MBA'77 1977 Campus
Gerald J. Van Dyk MBA'77 1977 Evening
James A. Ward EX'77 1977 Evening
Ronnie L. Wiist MBA'77 1977 Evening
Kazuo Yamada MBA'77 1977 Campus
Richard Brinton Bayley MBA'78 1978 Campus
Jerry Raymond Bonnar MBA'78 1978 HAP
Birchel S. Brown MBA'78 (XP-40) 1978 Exec-North America
Debra J. Burton MBA'78 1978 Campus
Richard R. Clemmons MBA'78 (XP-41) 1978 Exec-North America
Timothy C. Curtus MBA'78 1978 Campus
Harry Eisenstein MBA'78 1978 Campus
Nancy Willis Forrester MBA'78 1978 Campus
Claude S. Garsin MBA'78 1978 Campus
Kenneth Hughes Gaskins MBA'78 1978 Campus
Frank J. Ginett MBA'78 (XP-41) 1978 Exec-North America
Michael Ashbough Halsey MBA'78 1978 Campus
Steven Douglas Hollopeter MBA'78 1978 Campus
Nancy Anne Kilbourn MBA'78 1978 Evening
Edward A. Kolodziej MBA'78 1978 Campus
Jacob Kurland MBA'78 1978 Campus
Daniel Sui-Chuen Kwok MBA'78 1978 Campus
Yick Kin Kwok MBA'78 1978 Campus
Jean Lahage MBA'78 1978 Campus
Kevin P. Larson MBA'78 1978 Campus
Margaret Lai Fong Mak MBA'78 1978 Campus
Patrick Mersch MBA'78 1978 Campus
Scott Daniells Miller MBA'78 1978 Evening
Nam Duy Nguyen MBA'78 1978 Campus
L. Winfield Ogden MBA'78 1978 Campus
Joan C. Perz MBA'78 1978 Evening
U. Rukmakar Rau MBA'78 1978 Evening
Marie-Claude Regner MBA'78 1978 Evening
Jane Ellen Salk AB'78 1978  
Linda W. Schumann MBA'78 1978 Evening
Ron Schwartz MBA'78 1978 Campus
Thomas Wylie Seaman MBA'78 1978 Campus
Jonathan Morse Seltzer MBA'78 1978 Campus
Vasilios G. Theodosopoulos MBA'78 1978 Evening
Arthur John Travers MBA'78 1978 Campus
Joel Thomas Voelz MBA'78 1978 Evening
Kathleen Anne Waple MBA'78 1978 Evening
Joseph S. Washburn CLA'78 (XP-41) 1978 Exec-North America
John R. Wiggins MBA'78 (XP-40) 1978 Exec-North America
Paul Ronald Zukor MBA'78 1978 Campus
Albert Si-Wing Au MBA'79 1979 Campus
Norman Sheridan Brinsley MBA'79 1979 Evening
Eugene Patrick Cahalan MBA'79 1979 Campus
Claudio Cerulli MBA'79 1979 Evening
Henry Sha-Lin Chen MBA'79 1979 Campus
Allahyar Fouladi MBA'79 1979 Campus
Elliot Howes Gage MBA'79 1979 Campus
Ann Esther Goddeyne MBA'79 1979 Evening
Daniel Lewis Hayes MBA'79 1979 Campus
Charles Daniel Hoyt MBA'79 1979 Campus
Paul Steven Ishizuka MBA'79 1979 HAP
Ajit Murlidhar Karnik MBA'79 1979 Campus
Fan Kau MBA'79 1979 Campus
Kenneth Kay MBA'79 1979 Campus
Kenji Kobayashi MBA'79 1979 Campus
Oskar Kurer MBA'79 1979 Campus
Stanley D. Leibowitz MBA'79 1979 Evening
Deland Maurice McMullan MBA'79 1979 Campus
Susan Burrington Morriss MBA'79 1979 Campus
Yukio Odani MBA'79 1979 Campus
Toshiki Sada MBA'79 1979 Campus
Edward H. Savant MBA'79 (XP-42) 1979 Exec-North America
Myriam Lori Sherman MBA'79 1979 Campus
Oran F. Shipton MBA'79 (XP-43) 1979 Exec-North America
Robert D. St John MBA'79 1979 Evening
Leopoldo L. Teehankee MBA'79 1979 Campus
Michael L. Trahan MBA'79 1979 Evening
Eliana Tsakiri MBA'79 1979 Campus
James Westbrook Ware MBA'79 1979 Evening
Robert J. Young MBA'79 (XP-43) 1979 Exec-North America


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