Chicago Booth Alumni Club

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Network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with Chicago Booth alumni in your area.

About Us

Name: Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Japan
Establishment: April 1995, By-Laws enacted.

Members: Chicago Booth alumni living or working in Japan

Our goals:

  • To provide social and business opportunities for maintaining contact with Chicago Booth alumni in Japan

  • To help recruit the next generation of Chicago Booth students

  • To increase the Chicago Booth visibility in Japan

  • To provide assistance to Chicago Booth

Club Leadership


Atsuhito Sakai, '82


Kyota Narimatsu, '11 (AXP-10)

Neil Faust, '91
1st Deputy President

Yuko Ito, '96
2nd Deputy President

Mark Miller, '87

Isao Ohashi, '90
Shinji Yamamoto, '87
Board of Directors

Former Leadership

Atsuhito Sakai, '82

Toshihiko Irisumi, '05

Neil Faust, '91
Deputy President

Ryusuke Shimizu
Deputy President

Takuya Ishikawa, '10

Mark Miller, '87
Shinji Yamamoto, '87
Marc Bookman, '87
Isao Ohashi, '98
Yue Ma, '09

Hirobumi Kawakita, 83
Kazuhiko Tahara, 89
Michimasa Soga, '96
Hideya Yamanaka, '94 
Advisory Board

Special thanks to our retired board members:
Saori Yamanaka, '04
Shotaro Akita, '05
Yosuke Kuroda, '05
Sachie Hasegawa, '06
Kazunori Ito, '07
Masato Eguchi, '06
Shinji Yamamoto, '87

Club Membership

The Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Japan is the only alumni club in Japan which is authorised by Chicago Booth. The majority of the club members are Chicago Booth alumni based in Japan and Japanese alumni who reside outside of Japan.