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Network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with Chicago Booth alumni in your area.

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Boston

Welcome to the Boston Chicago Booth alumni chapter. Our goal is to provide our alumni in the Boston and surrounding areas with opportunities to network, grow careers, and socialize within our community. Some great ways to become involved are:

  • Connect through social networking. We have LinkedIn and Facebook groups specific to the Boston chapter. Just click on their buttons to begin the process.
  • Email Erick Rawlings, our Communications Chair, to be added to the Boston distribution list.
  • Attend an event. Last year the Boston club hosted 15 events and we've partnered with fellow business schools to provide additional opportunities.
  • Join our Steering Committee by contacting Paul Romano, our Vice President, and help design this year's program.
  • Spearhead your own event or suggest one.
  • Provide feedback to any of the officers

We look forward to meeting you and your involvement.