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Booth in the News, Winter 2010, Special Edition

This is a special edition of Chicago Booth in the News highlighting the extensive press coverage of the U.S. Monetary Policy Forum, presented by Booth’s Initiative on Global Markets on February 26.

  • “Count ‘em, we had five members of the Federal Open Market Committee here today,” said CNBC’s Steve Liesman during one of his five live broadcasts from the forum in New York City. One of the broadcasts featured an interview with Professor Anil Kashyap, organizer of the conference and “a leading light in monetary policy,” CNBC said. Watch the video
  • If you would like to read the speeches presented at the conference and the new report “Financial Conditions Indexes: A New Look After the Financial Crisis,” click here: Read more
  • Another CNBC clip from the Booth conference featured Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Watch the video
  • CNBC also interviewed Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff at the Booth conference. Watch the video
  • Other CNBC clips from the conference:
    An interview with Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachs chief economist: Watch the video
    A story about new research released at the conference: Read more
  • The Wall Street Journal print edition ran a story on Page 2, February 27 based on research presented at the forum. Read more
  • Coverage also appeared on Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and elsewhere. Here are a few of the many clips: Read more Read more
  • A New York Times reporter attending the conference heard Professor Kashyap blast the “Volcker Rule” to restrict big banks, and then quoted him the following week when the legislation was put forward by the Obama Administration. The story ran on the front page of the business section March 4. Read more
  • The following reporters attended the Chicago Booth forum: Sewell Chan, The New York Times
    Jon Hilsenrath, The Wall Street Journal
    Michael MacKenzie, Financial Times
    Steve Liesman, CNBC
    Neil Irwin, The Washington Post
    Debbie Blumberg, Dow Jones
    Newswires Kristina Cook, Thomson Reuters
    Luca Di Leo, Dow Jones Newswires
    Mark Felsenthal, Thomson Reuters
    Kathleen Hays, Bloomberg News
    Scott Lanman, Bloomberg News
    Greg Robb, Marketwach
    Akiko Sugita, NHK-TV (Japan)
    Daisuke Zaima, The Nikkei (Japan)